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At Press Miami we offer a great range of custom-printed envelopes in various sizes and finishes. These include popular #10, #7, 9×12 options.


Our Envelope Options

Envelope Printing in Miami

Looking for high-quality envelope printing in Miami? Look no further than our services! Business envelopes are an essential tool for creating a professional image and reinforcing brand identity. Customized envelopes with your company logo and address help establish credibility and trust with clients and customers. We offer a variety of commercial printing envelopes, including window envelopes, catalog envelopes, and security envelopes to meet your specific business needs.

Choosing the right business envelope involves considering factors such as size, design, and material to ensure functionality and visual appeal. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can help you create envelopes that are both functional and visually appealing. Don’t underestimate the importance of business envelopes in your communication and branding strategy – let us help you promote growth and success for your business. Contact us today to get started!

Envelopes are important for a business for several reasons:

  • Professionalism: Envelopes with the company logo and address printed on them give a professional image to the business.
  • Branding: Envelopes can be customized with the company’s branding, including logo and colors, which helps to reinforce the brand identity.
  • Communication: Envelopes are used to send important documents, letters, invoices, and other business correspondence. A well-designed envelope can help to attract attention and communicate important information to the recipient.
  • Protection: Envelopes provide a secure and protective way to transport important documents and items. They can help to ensure that the contents arrive at their destination undamaged and in good condition.
  • Cost-effective: Envelopes are a cost-effective way to send mail and communicate with customers, compared to more expensive options like courier services or parcel delivery.

Overall, envelopes are an essential part of a business’s communication and branding strategy. They help to create a professional image, protect important documents, and facilitate communication with customers and clients.

Different types on envelopes

Business envelopes: These are standard envelopes, also known as #10, used for mailing business correspondence, such as letters, invoices, and statements. They come in various sizes and can be printed with a company logo and address.

Window envelopes: These envelopes have a clear plastic window on the front that reveals the recipient’s address. They are commonly used for mailing invoices, statements, and other business correspondence.

Catalog envelopes: These are larger envelopes (9″ x 12″) that are used for mailing catalogs, brochures, and other marketing materials. They typically have a wide opening and a center seam to accommodate thicker items.

Coin envelopes: These small envelopes are used for storing and transporting coins, jewelry, and other small items. They can be printed with custom designs and are often used by banks and retailers. The size of these small envelopes varies. A popular one is the credit card sleeve coin envelope.

Booklet envelopes: These envelopes (9″ x 12″) have a side opening and a long flap that allows for easy insertion of booklets, catalogs, and other thicker items. They can be printed with custom designs and are commonly used by publishers and marketers.

Security envelopes: These envelopes have a pattern or design printed on the inside to prevent the contents from being seen through the envelope. They are commonly used for mailing confidential documents, such as financial statements or legal papers.

For a better understanding of envelope sizes, you can visit the guys at Envelope Sizes Info.

Digital Vs. Offset Envelopes

Digital and offset printing are two distinct printing methods used to produce envelopes, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Digital printing is ideal for smaller quantities and more intricate designs, as it allows for variable data printing and is generally more cost-effective for short runs. On the other hand, offset printing is more suitable for larger quantities and high-quality images due to its greater color accuracy and consistency. Ultimately, the choice between digital and offset printing for envelopes depends on the specific requirements of the job, including the quantity, design, and budget.

What are linen envelopes?

Linen envelopes have a linen-like textured finish achieved by embossing paper with a linen fiber pattern. They are elegant and often used for formal occasions, such as weddings, announcements, and business stationery. Available in different colors, sizes, and shapes, they can be printed with custom designs, logos, and text. Linen envelopes are durable and resistant to tearing, and compatible with various printing methods. They are a great choice for high-quality envelopes that make a statement.

What are natural envelopes?

Natural envelopes are eco-friendly envelopes made from unbleached or partially bleached paper that has a rough, organic texture. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, and can be printed with custom designs. Natural envelopes are durable, resistant to tearing, and compatible with various printing methods, making them ideal for important or delicate documents. They are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious events or businesses seeking a high-quality envelope with a natural appearance.

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We offer a variety of envelope sizes and finishes. The industry standard is the #10 envelope which is ideal for mailing business correspondence. Try our coin envelopes if you’re looking for currency envelopes.

Do you need a custom size envelope? No problem! Use our custom form and send us all the specifications needed custom quote form only.

Depending on your envelope order, our standard turnaround time for envelopes is 6-9 business days. For all free local deliveries, we will deliver the following day from the day your job was ready.

Yes, we’d love to! Our team of expert designers is always ready for stationery design jobs.

Our basic file requirements are:

  • Files must be at 300 DPI
  • All files must include bleed
  • Files we accept, PDF (outlined), JPG and Tiff

For a complete understanding of artwork preparation, please visit our Artwork-Instructions page.

You can place your order online by clicking the desired product, choosing product options, uploading files, and checking out. Once the order is placed you will receive an order number.

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For deliveries within Broward, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton. there will be a $45 flat fee charge. Please contact us for any deliveries outside of South Florida.