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Cannabis is a runaway business in the US right now and is only going to keep growing. With 14 states having already legalized cannabis for recreational use and many others having either decriminalized it or permit it for medical reasons it’s no surprise the market is growing. It may surprise you to hear that one in five Americans can legally use cannabis where they live, and some are even permitted to grow it at home.

Such is the growth in the market that it is expected sales of marijuana will top $20 billion by 2021, and yet the industry is still considered to be in its infancy! This presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs who see a market beckoning new players, and if you have an idea that is innovative and will fill a niche in the market now is the time to get on board.

How Can We Help?

At Press Miami we recognize the need for specialist packaging in regulated industries such as the cannabis market. As experts in the field, we are able to source you the right packaging from quality suppliers across the world or we can design and create custom cannabis packaging for you.

We are experts in packaging design for many different areas of industry and commerce as well a leading name in printing in Miami, and we can work with you on your cannabis packaging design to ensure it hits the mark both invisibility and all the regulatory requirements according to the FDA Cannabis Regulations. We’re here to help, so get in touch now and let’s have a chat.

Cannabis Packaging and Printing Design

Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, materials, color, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing. Its primary objective is to create a vehicle that serves to contain, protect, transport, dispense, store, identify, and distinguish a product in the marketplace. Ultimately, the goal of a packaging design is to meet marketing objectives by distinctively communicating a consumer product’s personality or function and generating a sale.

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Cannabis Packaging Development

We understand the care and dedication it takes to start a growing or retail business in the cannabis industry, and we want to help you along the way. By engaging us to help with your cannabis packaging design you are assured of absolute attention to detail from day 1 to the completion of the project, and we have an expert team of designers who understand the cannabis market.

The packaging is the first impression that consumers get of your brand. That’s why working with us will give you that initial impact you are looking for. We make sure your product stands out on the shelf and in adverts and other media, and we will help develop your brand to the best effect.

If you have a design that you want to use that’s great! Just fill in the ‘Get a Custom Quote’ form below and we’ll get back to you with a custom, no-obligation quote for turning your design into reality. If you’re struggling with design ideas don’t worry! That’s what our team of designers is here for, and our rates for design work are very competitive, so get in touch and let’s see what we can come up with.

We can offer a range of standard packaging designs that can be embellished with our superb foil and varnish techniques, all done digitally to save you money and offer you an affordable way of obtaining unique packaging.

There’s a lot to take in here so we’ll just say this: talk to us at Press Miami if you are looking at getting into the cannabis market, as you won’t find a more knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly team elsewhere!

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