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Business Cards.
Premium quality, quick turnarounds, including next-day printing.

  • Variety of Stocks & Finishes
  • Features Including Spot UV Gloss and Foil
  • Sizes: Standard, European, Square, Mini & More
  • Business Card Design Services Available

Business Cards

Business Cards Printing in Miami

Business cards are an important symbol of entrepreneurship and economic activity and still an important tool in marketing and networking your company. Simply no business can get along without them! They represent you and your company in daily dealings with clients and potential partners as well as provide necessary information regarding your business and means of contact. An attractive and informative visiting card is, the first step to a successful forging of business relations and economic success.

Press Miami is a Miami-based professional printing company and we are here to help you take the first step in reaching these goals. We offer a wide range of high-quality business card printing services aimed at all sorts of big and small businesses, be it a grand corporation, a small retail store or an individual client.

Why you need Business Card Printing

Although we increasingly work in paperless offices, the business card remains the basis of the business. If you don’t have a business card that you can give to potential customers or employees, you are missing a key marketing opportunity. Card printing is still one of the best ways to get your brand in front of potential customers today.

However, not all business cards are created in the same way. We live in a world where the average small business can create their own business cards and order them on well-known online printers at dinner prices. But these cards are usually lighter and usually use two-page clips to relate to the advertised business. This means that there are many poorly designed business cards. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity: to stand out, you have to create a design that looks fantastic and helps you stand out.

If you can make it tactile and feel good in your hand, you will feel good. Create an efficient map and you can elevate your business above the competition before a potential customer sees your design portfolio.

Importance of business cards in the digital era

In today’s modern era most communications and dealings are done digitally. However, there are still many benefits in doing business the old-fashioned way. Although business cards may seem ancient compared to other forms of digital communications, it’s unlikely they’ll get replaced anytime soon. In reality, the digital age has transformed how we use business cards as they now have become an extension of our brands.

Here are some great reasons why you should always keep business cards to hand:

More personal form of communication

There’s always something unique about engaging in-person to start a conversation. Exchanging personal information over digital platforms may be faster and more convenient but it can be too impersonal. Strong business relationships begin from engaging in conversations in person with good eye contact, a strong handshake, and a smile.

It will give your business a positive first impression

Handing out business cards to prospective clients immediately exposes your brand and creates a solid first impression. Furthermore, your company image will be seen as organized and professional.

Compact and easily accessible

Our standard business cards are only 2×3.5 inches in size and will easily fit in your pocket, bag, wallet, or purse. As an active business person chances are you spend a lot of time networking. After a quick introduction and a warm handshake, you can quickly offer a business card. We offer mini-size business cards as little as 2×2 inches. View our templates page for all business cards design guidelines.

A great networking tool

Most businesses at some point will attend some form of networking or exhibition event. Handing out good-quality business cards can be a great introduction and your ticket to making a lasting impression.

Inexpensive, something for every budget

Improvements in print technology have resulted in even more cost effecting printing. You can be sure there are business cards to suit all requirements and budgets. Our most economical business card can help you gain your next customer.

It shows that you are prepared

That’s right! Business cards offer a fantastic tangible way of exchanging contact information. They will show your professionalism and highlight your organization and preparation skills. Do not make the mistake of tarnishing your image by quickly writing your contact details on a piece of paper because you have a dead smartphone.

Make the perfect eye-catching design

A well-designed business card can be simple or extremely attractive. Whatever you choose to have on your business card design just make sure you get the point across in that small piece of paper. Whether you’re a minimal type of person or a loud have-it-all person, our team of talented designers can make the perfect business card design for you.

A quick guide to improve your business card

Nevertheless, brainstorming to create a business card can sometimes be difficult. You might want to include all your services; however, you find yourself with a whole long list that makes your card look like a brochure. Say less, our friends at have made a list of the 6 most important things to include on a business card.

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