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Your Data Is Secured With Us

Data Security

Our security measures and SSL are keeping your data safe

How is your data safe?

Press Miami is a safe place to shop. With us, your data security always comes first. We use SSL (secure socket layer) certifications to encrypt our entire website, ensuring safe and secure transactions at the highest level. We are an authorized online retailer that provides complete buyer protection in the event of any issues with your order.

What is SSL?

SSL certificates encrypt websites, ensuring that consumer information and payment information stay private. In actuality, our website does not save any payment information and all pages are served via SSL. This gives you peace of mind while sending sensitive data and order details over our website because only you and we have access to them.

A green padlock icon shows in the URL bar when you visit a secure website delivered by SSL. In your URL bar, instead of the typical ‘http,’ you’ll see ‘https,’ indicating that this webpage is safe. The SSL certificate, which can be accessed by clicking the green padlock icon, contains information about the website and the sort of encryption utilized.